Sunday, June 24, 2007

Goblin concept art and adventures as a goblin in SL

To make a good goblin AV for second life, you first need a concept. I figured I would post some of the drawings I did to guide me on my development. Before I drew the images, I did look at a lot of different pictures of goblins that I could find on the web and also my friend send me some.

This is the original drawing I used to design the goblin AV. I have several notes on some of the things I wanted to do, for example, I wanted to make the eyes glow, so I figured I would try loading an eye texture that had a transparency where the white of the eye would go. Hmm this did not really work, so I ended up putting green balls inside of the AV's eye that glow. The balls are somewhat transparent, so the eye shows through.

Here is an image I created after I got the goblin AV started. the idea of this image is thinking up possible armor looks for the goblin.

Part of making a good goblin is to understand it. I have started to play this goblin in the combat zone of Avalon Mist. I have to admit I was not prepared for what lay ahead. In that zone there are humand and drows, for some reason these two seem to be friends. Drows I thought were kind of like evil elves.

So someone the drows and the humans have become friends, so when I showed up, they needed an enemy. The first day I was there, I fled into the swamps. Two humans and a drow found me and hunted me. I drew no sword but the warrior in white slashed at me as I tried to flee. I eventually was slain and the white warrior sliced my corpse up until I had a -400 health. Humans hate evil goblins. Even the presence of a goblin will cause humans to be agressive against it.

So you can see, I have a lot to learn about a goblin, how to design one well, it will take some time. I think running from a fight is what it should do unless it is hanging out with a bunch of orcs, then it can sneak up on the eneamy and strike when the other is in battle. I think a goblin could be used as a scout because of there size or they could be used to lay a trap. I could easily intimidate the humans and they would seek the death of such a small creature, I could run and lead them into an ambush.

As a goblin, I have only found one nice person, and that was a fae, she took pity on me and healed some of my body, this was the second day. I had showed up, experienced mega lag, SL crashed, and when I reloged, my AV was unconsious. I guess my AV was probably pushing against someone when I was in lag and it was seen as an act of agression. Even though my sword was still sheathed, I must of been attacked.

Afterwards, I asked for a tournament battle, my first fight with a sword.. good experience, I lost miserably to a skilled drow.

I need to learn how to role play better, when I take on this evil goblin form, I need to learn how not to be such a nice guy. I need to learn to flee more, I am not a strong orc. I need to jump, run, and tease. I have found a good place to practice and always find someone to chase me, Avalon Mist, combat area.

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Scott Casey said...

wow, great pics Gin, and as always an interesting read. I was not aware you could draw in RL. And as for your points and experiences as a goblin wowie again... :-) great progress...