Friday, September 14, 2007

Thoughts on Seeking Apreciation

In the past I have often desired someone to appreciate the art that I produce. I have a passion for making art and want to be appreciated for the work that I produce.

Now here is the dilemma, I have thought it is the same that actors in our world experience, I have discovered when a person likes me for the art I produce, they really do not care for the person that I am, that is they may like me, but they may be blinded by the desire of my art and just accept my quirkiness because I am the producer of the art, but without the art, they would of never given me a second thought. On the other hand I have discovered there are people who like me and do not care for the art that I make.

Do you understand what I am trying to say?… it is kind of a complex situation. As a human we seek approval by the skills we do and by the skills we excel at, but upon getting approval it may leave us empty since our core self is not getting approval. On the other hand, when our core self is getting approval from someone, our actions are seeking to get approval by the things we do.

So what to do? One way is not better than the other, just acceptance and appreciations for both as good.