Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Forgotten in Midian City

When I want to play and not worry about romance, I change my AV to a child form. It is amazing when I change back into my adult form, I feel much more restricted and unable to play like I do as a child.

Well this is one of my adventures as a child. Here I am exploring the cat walks of Midian City. Luckly there were no cats lurking about or they would have chase me off like I experienced at a later date.

Midian City is a no fly zone, so it was quite a challenge to climb this crane and walk across it. It is a bit hard to see the image, the city is a bit dark.
There is a beautiful Church building across the way. If you go exploring in the church, you will discover there is no obvious way to climb to the rooftop. So I got the idea that I could probably jump across from the crane. Because I cannot not try something and even using a bit of my ninja training, I was not able to jump the gap to the roof top. I ended up sliding down the church wall and upon hitting the ground, felt like I had broke quite a few bones.
I wonder what in the world must live on that roof top, I doubt it is church go-ers, I think if the vampires can stand the church, they could fly over there, the other posibility... there is plank of wood that has been layed across to the church from another building. I just cannot figure out why they just did not build some stairs from inside of the church to the rooftop.
Behind this church is the graveyard, I have seen some vampires hanging out there, I try to avoid it when I can.


Mehalia said...

Thanks for writing this.

Ginseng Kyong said...

Mehalia.. glad you enjoyed it. Hmm sense then I have enjoyed role playing as a neko. No longer a child AV, but since I am part cat, I can play like a child. It is like an AV inbetween and adult and a child.

Constable Allen said...

Hey there. I read your "Adventures" here, and I like this. Your cat skin was nice, and I somewhat agree that the goblin skin needs work. You'll get it though. I know you will, if you keep at it. I have a fox character, but she needs a more realistic looking skin with fur. I'm attempting to use a template and Photoshop to work on it now. I'm having trouble finding what I need to make it though. Good luck with your goblin, and your adventures. I Kinda want to visit Midian now though.... Heh, sorry for the blather. I talk a lot sometimes!

Ginseng Kyong said...

working with the template is quite a tedious job :P... I have recently found a rather inexpensive utility to help myself get a basic layout, then take it into photoshop or gimp for fine tuning. The utility is called AVpainter: http://avpainter.osbyte.net/
I bought mine on slechange

Constable Allen said...

Thanks much! I'm checking that out now. If this works as well as I'm reading, then I'm sure I'll enjoy using it. Again, thanks, and good luck yourself!